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March 14-24, 2018

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Mexico All-Inclusive and Beaches Jamaica

Vagabond Tour and Travel was fabulous. Kristen sent us on 2 wonderful trips this year. 1 was Mexico all inclusive and I highly recommend getting the. Info from Kristen . She picked a perfect place for us. Also beaches Jamaica couldn't have been any better. Kids can't stop talking about it. Kristen set everything up and made the trip so enjoyable for us. We will work with her anyday! We are already having her work on our next trip! Can't wait! She is so knowledgable and cares about her clients. That's everything you want I a travel agent!



Lisa's Second "Honeymoon"


I cannot begin to express my gratitude to you. This trip was overall phenomenal!! We had the best time together in some of the most beautiful places in the world. It was just what we needed- a second "honeymoon"!

Thank you so very much for all you did for us. You made everything so easy and seamless- I look forward to utilizing and referring your services for many years to come!!!

Thank you again!!!



Paradise Discovered: St. Thomas

Feb 2014

Paradise Discovered

St. Thomas and St. Johns Cruz Bay, Cinnamon Bay Virgin Islands

When we landed from JFK into the St. Thomas Airport and arrived at the beautiful newly renovated Marriott on the ocean we knew that this trip to Paradise was going to be a dream come true. The lobby of our hotel The Frenchmen’s Reef was spectacular. In every direction there were Terraces and verandas overlooking the harbor, affinity pools, sunsets, and a reception desk that offered anything from sailing to island excursions, harbor tours, parasailing and dinner reservations.

We started in with dinner a Pina Colada and cold beers at their poolside restaurant looking over the bay.  (Photo of girl taking sunset pic) Look to the east and the view was the beach and the Havana Blue Restaurant, An elegantly designed open air space of candle light tables. The lighting in the room was a reflective sea of ocean blue with billowing white drapes that drew you out to the sea. We had dinner here on the last day of our vacation very nice. We were there as a family because it had been ten years since our last trio to in Maui, Hawaii together.  The best day we had as a family was our trip on the ferry from Red Hook to Cruz Bay about a 20 min ride. In the harbor of Cruz Bay there were many restaurants and shoppes with treasures from all over the world. 

Here we took an open air Island Taxi to Cinnamon Bay, National Park.  The water is an aqua shade of blue and there is a large reef for snorkeling with equipment available. They also rent kayaks, stand-up Boards with paddles, sunfish sail boats and catamarans. There is also a campground with tent platforms, bathrooms, and showers for those who want to stay on the island in the natural surroundings and save money. While we were swimming in the bay a large Clipper Ship sailed into the harbor. (See Pic of Clipper Ship)


Back on St. Thomas later in the week my husband and I took a water taxi into town for lunch and shopping. We decided on the Calypso a Mediterranean Restaurant. It was a very hot day 85 degrees so we cooled off with their frozen drink Kahlua and vanilla ice cream. Our son decided to take a scuba dive refresher course with some other vacationers. When they were on the real dive a large nurse shark was sleeping on the bottom and woke up. The shark swam right towards him and scared him so that he was breathing too fast and used up most of his air so the Dive Master brought him to the surface.  One of the divers caught it all on a video camera and sent him a copy to show friends.

One of our favorite places we had for a romantic and delicious dinner was “Room with a View”

On St. Thomas at “Blue Bird’s Castle”.  You enter a room with about 12 tables with linen covers on them you notice very large glass ceiling to floor windows with a spectacular view of the lights of Charlotte Amalie Harbor. The dinners we had were amazing a delicious Seafood Bouillabaisse and perfectly prepared filet.  The whole place was intimate and charming and made us feel part of the island and it’s appeal.


The Marriott was great at having entertaining shows for its guests. A crowd favorite was the outdoor Parrot Show where everyone had a chance to hold a Parrot. They roller-skated and played basketball and sang for everyone. The kids and adults loved the show, which was very cool to watch.

The flight to JFK airport to St. Thomas was very comfortable at about 3.5 hrs. With the latest technology on board you are able to watch just about and TV, Video, Movie or News Program

which makes the trip fly by.  They have good meal and snack choices and offer the best customer service.  We traveled on Delta Airlines and it was about $330 each way in February 2014.

I would highly recommend these islands for a vacation you will want to return to every year.

You won’t be disappointed.

 St. Thomas

By Sandra Ward  

US Virgin Islands Territory Facts

General Information

  • Official Language: English
  • Approximately 4,600 hotel rooms


  • Located in the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean (between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea). For a location map, please see Virgin Islands maps
  • Comprised of approximately 50 islands and cays (pronounced "keys"), the largest of which are , and
  • Honeymoon Beach.

Temperature and Time

  • Average temperatures range from 77°F in the winter and 82°F in the summer
  • Atlantic Standard Time zone, one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time (except during daylight savings time)

Ethnic Background

  • The majority of present-day indigenous people are West Indian of African descent
  • Tiano and Carib Indians inhabited these islands for nearly 3,000 years, but most were killed off during European occupation
  • Today's native populations include people from Europe, North America, India, the Middle East and the Orient


  • Constitution of the Territory: the 1954 Revised Organic Act of the Virgin Islands, amended in 1968-1972
  • Three branches: executive, legislative and judicial
  • Political parties: Democratic Party of the Virgin Islands, Independent Citizen's Movement, and the Progressive Republican Party of the Virgin Islands


  • Johnny cake (fried dough)
  • Pates (fried or baked turnover filled with seafood, chicken or beef)
  • Kallaloo (stew of spinach, okra and seafood)
  • Fresh local fish (steamed or fried)
  • Fungi (cornmeal blended with okra similar to polenta)
  • Conch (pronounced "conk," seafood from mussel family made into fritters or steamed)
  • Bush Tea (herbal tea steeped from aromatic leaves of plants indigenous to the Virgin Islands)

Costa Rica Crazy!

There wasn't much we didn't like, we really enjoyed having our own tour guide and when we were with others, it was a small group, not a huge tour bus.  Also, we couldn't stop raving about the fresh food & the coconuts right off the beach.  Incredible trip!

We went over our price point a little, but to be honest, it was so worth it.

This trip was a trip of a lifetime.  It was our extended honeymoon in Costa Rica and we loved every minute of it!  My wife and I enjoyed a few days in Arenal.  We zip-lined, rappelled, and rode horseback all before lunch.  In the afternoon, we did white water tubing and spent the evening in the natural hot springs.  Talk about an adventure-packed day!  After our time in Arenal, we spent 5 days in Tamarindo on the Pacific Coast and it was incredible.  The resort has everything you want, but we enjoy getting out and meeting the locals and enjoying their food rather than the steakhouse or franchise type feel of some restaurants.  I highly recommend a small restaurant called Fiesta Del Mar.  The food was incredible!  We can't thank Vagabond enough for taking the time to sit with us and hear our desires for the trip.  To be honest, we couldn't have done this without them and at the same time, it felt like we went on our own and not with a huge tour group, which we greatly appreciated.  Much love and gratitude!

Brad and Bryanna


London, Liverpool, Glasgow

Dear Sally


Safely back in the land of snow (next weekend?)


Great time. London is very hectic. The hotel prices are out of sight. Very european-type tiny room...lobby the size of a closet.


A little stressful until one figures out the tube and the trains. Plus finding the actual departure sites for the tours...not actually at the tube stations. But we weren't late for anything!


Tube turned out to be alot like the Paris underground...a very economical way to get around.


Train rides were very nice and Liverpool was very nice. We opted for a tour of John and Paul's homes with the National Trust. Bought it at the LP train station as we got in. Very worthwhile. Then we did the museum deal at the Albert dock. Hotel was American style...larger room and lobby.


Glasgow was even better. Shoppers delight. All the food was good, even the haggis. Jury's Inn is top drawer. The staff helped me find the adddress of my grandfather's birth and of course we went by.


We opted for take a tour to Stirling Castle instead of going to Edinburgh. Castle is fabulous, but most of the reason was because we took a 30 minute bus ride from Stirling to Alva, and looked up the house my grandmother was born in. Knocked but no one was home.


USAir couldn't leave well enough alone and when we arrived back in Phillie found our flight to SYR had been canceled. Got to sit around for 6 more hours. I finally got around to emailing them about a refund of the amount we had to spend on clothes after 3 days in our travel garb. Do you have any experience in this routine?