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I Love the Travel Club!

Dear Sally,

     A million thank you's to you for imagining and starting a travel club for women.  The friendships and trips that I have found there have enriched my life immeasurably.

I am looking forward to many more of both.

             Terry Cole



Hi Sally!

Just a little note to thank you for the window seat on the plane.  I was glad to have my room close to the elevator.  having first seating and being with your family was gret.  We shared the champagneone night at dinner. 

See you soon,

Mary Louise


Family Vacation!

 "We booked a trip to Mexico through Sally, and she did a great job! We had a great time, and didn't worry about the details."

Mary P


Brenda... vagabondGAL 


Hi my name is Brenda. I joined the travel club about 2 yrs ago. I love to travel and have done a lot State side but needed/wanted a travel partner for outside the country. That is what I have been able to gain!  I was part of the group of 19 that went to the Caribbean this past Feb!  OMG what an adventure! It started in San Juan Puerto. Our hotel was within walking distance to the ocean.  What a beautiful place to start and adventure! We boarded the ship and sent sail! The water is just so very blue here!  We visited St Thomas, St Croix, St Kitts and Barbados. 

Fun in the sun is an understatement!  There is so much to see and do!  You can either stay on the ship; take a walking adventure or a land/water excursion.  I did things I have always wanted to do. While walking the streets of St Thomas I met a couple of Iguanas just standing on the curb as I walked by! WOW Pretty neat! And big!   You visited a rain forest; on St. Croix Saw monkeys in their home are pretty cool! Even though there was 19 of us-- we all did our own thing- and got together over dinner each night to chat about our day's adventure! 


I had so much fun and saw so many things that I will be doing it again in Feb., 2011. I am also going to do the med cruise in Sept!  So many adventures all because this club!  Don't be shy!  Come and say HI!  There is always someone wanting to do what you want to do!  Make your adventure come true with the help of the Vagabond gals!



“If you are planning a trip or vacation, I would HIGHLY recommend Sally Fedrizzi and Vagabond Travel. She has planned numerous trips for us right down to the smallest details. It takes much of the unknown and worry out of traveling and the decision making. She is extremely well traveled herself so she really knows how to plan these trips for you. She has been to Europe and many other countries. She can help with cruises, excursions, hotels, car rentals, the plane tickets, what to see and where to go. She will be planning our next trip out west and we cant wait!”  Angela S