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ALASKA June 26, 2017


We are back from our vacation.  I want to personally thank you for all of your help.  You made it so easy for us and your detailed planning helped things go so well.   It was a trip of a lifetime.  Believe it or not, it was clear and sunny most days.  Rained only on our last day for a couple hours (we were inside the museum anyways).  We had an awesome time.  You have a customer for life.  I am going to do a testamony on your website, just want to take some time to word it right.

The only thing that did not go well was the city tour of Juneau. (the thing I had you add at the end...must be you knew better).  The glacier tour was awesome, but the trolley ride which was supposed to be a 45 minute narrated tour showing you different city sites with stops for pictures etc. was not good.  It  was their last tour of the day, and it was obvious that the driver wanted to finish his work day and/or he was too concerned trying to get some people back to their ship.  Not sure what the problem was.   He didn't make stops at some of the sites, one of the sites he said go take pictures and hurry back...another site he said "we don' t have time to stop since we stopped and the previous site"  (a woman even asked him to stop at that particular site so she could just go out and take a quick picture and he told her no ! ).   While I almost always let things go, I decided to go to the office of Juneau City Tours to let them know how disappointed  we were with the trolley ride.  I told her they did the City of Juneau a total dis-service.   She said I wasn't the only person who complained about that last run.  They are going to issue us a refund, however, I need to give them a copy of the voucher.  (of course the driver took it).  Can you provide me with a copy of that voucher?   Or maybe even the payment receipt.? 

Thank you for your time.   Sue Czerwinski

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