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Since Shelby was born, her family encouraged adventure and travel through hosting exchange students and travelling themselves. Growing up, her family travelled much of the United States together, and eventually made it over to Europe. Over the years she has met and visited numerous international students, many of whom continue to be a part of her ever growing international family. Shelby had the opportunity to live fully in the Netherlands as an exchange student and has travelled to over 10 countries in Europe including France, England, Scotland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, and Belgium.

Her love of Europe grew into a love of architecture, art, cuisine, culture, and eventually turned into a love for an actual European. Now Shelby calls Utrecht, the Netherlands her home, where she and her fiance spend most of their time exploring new cities and experiencing as many new things as they can as much like locals as possible. Through her own travels and trials, as well as her flurry of international contacts, Shelby has learned the behind the scenes and insider knowledge of many of the most desirable European cities, as well as some you may never have heard of.

Now her latest adventure has begun; helping others get the experiences of a lifetime! Shelby is so excited to begin her journey with Vagabond Tour and Travel to help more people plan and book their ideal vacations, whether that’s an all inclusive Parisian Honeymoon, or an intensive family excursion through the Norwegian fjords, or even a group backpacking trip through the hottest European cities.