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 Walking Romantic Castles of Romagna, Italy

September 28 - October 6, 2018

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Created Just for VagabondGALS !!!

The REAL Heart of Italy

May 11 - 19, 2018

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For our GALS only !!!

Experience Bologna, Italy

May 11- 19, 2018

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Scott Senecal

Scott started traveling over 20 years ago experiencing cruises and all inclusive resorts throughout Mexico and the Caribbean.

On a bit of a whim he set up a trip for 10 days to Peru and was instantly hooked!  He has been back to South America several times over the last 11 years and offers first hand knowledge of the South American product.  In addition to his South American travels, Scott has visitied several of the countries in Central America as well. Scott has a real love for the countries of Central and South America and looks forward to sharing that love with his fellow travelers.  He can't wait to help you build the kind of trips that memories are made of....


The very first all-inclusive trip was booked thru your special travel agent Scott! He was awesome to work with! This was an all girls (older gals) trip just for fun! We had a lot of fun. Scott took care of everything for us…we did not have to print one thing or make a call as it was all done for us! Great job Scott, you will be hearing from us again!!!!  LIKED/LOVED ALL OF IT

Karen D-M



To contact Scott, Email him at