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March 14-24, 2018

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Turks and Caicos

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Tue. April 25th 7 p.m.

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Looking for vagabondGALS?


Choose one basic color (black, navy, brown) and add 2 accent colors for your travel wear
Plan to wear each item 2x, mix and match. 
What to pack:

Tops or shirts 3-4 Bathing suit
Blouses 3-4 Cover-up
Shorts 2 Sand shoes if needed
Capris 2-3 Rain resistant coat  or jacket
Slacks 2 plus wear one on the plane Hat
Sweatshirt or sweater , take 1, wear 1  Wrinkle proof dress, nylons, shoes, slip (if needed)
Sneakers, sandals Socks 2-3  pair 
Dressy jacket or sweater or pashmina Accessories (jewelry, scarves, etc)
Undies 5 Bras
Pj’s 1-2 Light robe
 *to compress underwear and keep personal items from being touched by security personnel, pack underwear in gallon size ziploc bags and press out all of the air.  This keeps everything sanitary and also takes up less room.

Sunglasses Curling iron
Extra glasses Camera
Nylon stuff bag Film, charger
Books and magazines Alarm clock
Pen and paper Binoculars (optional)
Games or cards Zip loc bags (or pack socks, undies in them)


  • Pack all liquids and meds in zip loc bags 

Make-up Antacid
Toothpaste and brush Anti-diarrhea medicine
Deodorant Antibiotic cream
Perfume Bandaids
Sunscreen Shaver
Shampoo and conditioner Aspercreme
Body lotion Pain reliever
Comb and brush Moleskin
Nail file, polish and remover Safety pins and rubber bands
Small sewing kit