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 Walking Romantic Castles of Romagna, Italy

September 28 - October 6, 2018

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The REAL Heart of Italy

May 11 - 19, 2018

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Experience Bologna, Italy

May 11- 19, 2018

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Vagabond Tour and Travel's

Host Travel Agency Program

Why did you become a travel agent? To sell the airlines tickets for the airlines with nothing in return? To fight with the internet for your clients? Neither did we. Vagabond Tour and Travel started as an independant agent just like you and we would like to share with you what we have learned to help you become a better agent. So what do we offer?

  • Transfer of your database to our system
  • Introduction email to your clients
  • Access to online CRM Training
  • Database of Destination Trainings
  • Sales Technique Manual
  • A Client Base CRM Key that works with our agency
  • Access to our branding

The Total Package per month includes:

  • Continuing access to our secure CRM
  • Airline Ticketing Services
  • Automated Deadline Reminders
  • Reservation Review and Support
  • Pre-Departure Contact with Appropriate Venues
  • Targeted Email Marketing
  • Weekly Destination Hints and Tips for Current Vacations
  • Bi-annual Client Survey of Travel Preferences
  • Travel Agent Services
    • Trams Client Base Invoicing System With Direct Connect To The Most Popular Travel Retailers
    • Professional Profile on Vagabond Tour and Travel Web Site
    • Personal Agent Mentors
    • Access to Group Bookings
    • 10 Days Out of Office Support Annually (Additional Days for Purchase)
    • Bi-Weekly Comission Payments

We found host agencies don't offer enough support and you quickly hit a wall with how effectively you can sell within a day. Phone calls, schedule changes, tweets and facebook posts all cause distractions that keep you from completeing even one itinerary. Vagabond Tour and Travel is here to help. We understand the struggles of a home based agent and have created a revolutionary new program to help you spend more time doing what you do best, researching destinations and putting together your clients dream trips and less time doing what wastes your time; commission tracking, client filing, invoicing, and running then fixing, then fixing again those pesky airline tickets. And what about social media? That's a subject anyone can get lost in.

We want to help.

Vagabond Tour and Travel is a support structure built for your agency. We are a full service leisure travel agency that understands the business and understand you, the independent agent. We believe in the value of you, the travel agent, and all of our processes are created to help you maintain the highest levels of service when it comes to your customers.  Our  program is designed to free up your time and help you get back to being a travel agent by taking away all of the jobs you dislike or don't have time to do. Effeciently manage your clients and all of their trips with our electronic client relationship management (CRM) database system.  This system allows you to keep track of your clients and allows us to provide support for them in the backgroung. The CRM will allow you to quickly book and invoice your clinet's trip.  Need an airline ticket for the trip?  Send us an internal message and our reservation agents will take care of special requests.  Also, once the ticket is booked you never have to worry about schedule changes becuase we will manage all of it for you. Our dedicated ticketing agents know what to look for and when to look for schedule changes and will keep you and your client in the know about what is happening.

Looking for ways to get your client excited about their trip and keep them excited even after they have travelled? Our experts, with the use of social media, customized online content, and twice a year travel preference surveys will keep your clients excited and coming back to book with you again and again.

These are all great reasons to take on our services, but what's in it for you?  How would you like to book your next vacation and travel worry free?  Our founder spent ten years taking her vacation with her laptop so she could be sure that there were no issues for her clients while she was traveling. 

So what does all of this cost?

Our services are based on a sliding scale based on booked revenue... no matter how you book it.  Need an IATA or other industry code to collect commissions?  We can offer you that along with 50% to 100% commission payments.  Don't need the code?  No problem.  You get 50% to 100% comission and you pay us to do the leg work. It's that easy. With our volume of sales you will get the better comission rates than you get on your own and you get 50% to 100% of the total commissions. You also get all of the backoffice support. Once you hit the top of our scale, you keep selling and our program gets more and more cost effective. We would love it if everyone hit the ceiling and sold to your highest potential!


Are you ready to take your sales to the next level and get the best support for you and your client? Fill out this Independant Agent Application and we will get in contact with you or call our sales department at (315) 471-1305 and ask your questions. We look forward to helping you grow!