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 Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef

March 14-24, 2018

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Girl's Getaway

Turks and Caicos

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Tue. April 25th 7 p.m.

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Things to bring on the plane

Book to read on plane
Pen and paper
Aspirin, sudafed, antacid
Inflatable pillow                                 
Toothbrush, paste, deodorant
Light change of clothes
Bathing suit (in case you get there before your luggage)

***Remember the TSA security rule of 3/1/1 when packing liquids and gels

Carry-on Items: Baggage Size and Weight Restrictions in general

When oversized bags don't fit in the overhead bins, delays happen. Fees will also be applied to the oversized bag if it has to be checked. In order to avoid delays as well as fees, follow these size and weight requirements:

  • Baggage may not exceed 45 linear inches (length+width+height) or 115 cm.
  • Baggage must fit easily in our SizeCheck® unit (approximately 22"x14"x9" or 56x36x23 cm).
  • Fees may apply if your bag is too large to carry on and has to be checked at the gate.


 Please refer to individual airline web sites for carrier specific rules and regulations